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Pakistan vs new zealand

pakistan vs new zealand

3. Dez. Testspiele Kricket: Wetten Sie auf Pakistan [3rd Test] vs New Zealand [3rd Test], 06 December Aug. IST; PKT, 1st ODI: SA vs PAK, Port Elizabeth. Jan 22, Tue IST IST; PKT, PAK vs NZ, Birmingham. Jun 29, Sat. Sportwetten und Quoten für Cricket T20 Series Pakistan vs. New Zealand International.

Pakistan have not bowled badly while New Zealand have not caved in. There is reverse swing available, there is massive turn around but the Kiwis have been defiant.

They have managed to score just 38 runs in 17 overs this morning but have lost only Latham. Taylor is stitching the innings nicely and the team just needs its other batsmen to play around him.

Still runs behind. Change in the field. A man has been brought at short mid on, in addition to the already existing short mid-wicket.

No inside edge but the ball is going down leg. Pakistan lose their second review as well. Have to admit, that looked close to the naked eye.

Probably because Taylor got a long way across and fell over in his followthrough. Full and around off, tailing in a long way, Rosco looked to flick but missed and was hit on the pads.

Abbas had a chat with Sarfraz and then went for the review. Hawk Eye showed it to be missing leg. Taylor seems to have been hit right in front of the stumps.

He has been given not out. Pakistan have taken a review. Goes too straight, lands it down the leg side, Nicholls does not miss out and flicks it towards fine leg.

Bilal Asif gives it a chase from long leg but while attempting a dive to his left, his knee hits the turf and he yells in pain. Gets up gingerly but is continuing.

This 4th wicket stand has moved to 22 now. Landed on a length outside off and then shapes away after pitching. Beats the outside edge. Could have been close had the fielder scored a direct hit.

Mohammad Abbas is called upon to bowl now. Very rare that he goes about, without picking up a wicket. Poor effort in the field, poor ball first up.

Short and around leg stump, Nicholls goes back and pulls it behind square leg. Haris Sohail gets to the ball from square leg and slides but the cherry goes through.

Sarfraz shakes his head in disgust. Sarfraz tries to be cheeky, moving the man from second slip very late, towards gully. Rosco spots that and then bails out.

They pick up a single. Excellent over from Hasan. On a length outside off, coming in sharply, Henry misses his defense and is hit on the pads.

Hasan appeals and umpire Reiffel raises his finger! Given out caught behind! The ball has carried! Well, there is a spike on the Snickometer but guess that the third umpire has given this in a bit of hurry.

Massive moment in the game and Latham is not happy at all. Does not show any emotion, just walks off with his head down.

On a length outside off, comes in a long way, Nicholls looks to defend but is beaten by the movement. There is a noise as the ball goes past bat and Pakistan appeal.

Initially, Paul Reiffel is about to discuss with the square leg umpire whether the ball carried but then stops himself. Then Pakistan put more pressure and eventually, Reiffel signals upstairs, giving the soft signal as OUT.

Now, here is the catch - Snickometer shows a spike when the ball goes past the bat - but at that same moment, the willow has hit the pad too!

Could it have been that the noise came off the bat hitting the equipment? However, Ian Gould is happy with just two views. Immediately says that it is out.

Could have taken more time. Not quite sure what was the source of the noise. Is this the opening Pakistan needed? New Zealand still trail by runs.

Is that a nick? Pakistan reckon that they have got Latham caught behind. It has been given not out though. After a long deliberation, the umpires discuss amongst themselves and signal towards the third umpire.

There was a noise. I guess this is about the carry. The soft signal is OUT. Dishes out a low full toss in that process, which is flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.

Seemed to come down the track but got beaten in flight. Yasir is not quite happy with the shape of the ball. He shows it to he umpire who seems happy though and returns it to Yasir.

The ball spins in off the rough and beats everyone. On a length around off, coming in a long way, Taylor misses his flick and is hit on the pads.

Probably going down leg. Too full, around leg, Latham gets down and sweeps it through square leg for a boundary! The stand is worth 70 now.

Very good ball from Hasan that. He covered the ball till the time he was about to deliver and at the last moment, showed the shine.

Hasan lands this outside off, Taylor looks to defend but the ball jags back in, takes the inside edge and hits him on the pads.

What a way to start the day. Full and wide outside off, Taylor reaches out and drives it through the covers! No overcast conditions today.

Warm and bright sunshine welcomes all the players to the start of Day 4. Tom Latham and Ross Taylor mark their guards. It will be Hasan Ali to start off proceedings to Rosco.

Said that Pakistan have raised their level from the first Test but stressed that New Zealand have not given up. Admitted that things tend to happen quickly in this part of the world after nothing happening for a long time.

Saw the positive in the team coming out nicely in the second innings, especially Tom Latham and Ross Taylor. Also agreed that the challenge is to learn how to play spin, especially since that is not seen much in New Zealand conditions.

Concluded by saying that the advent of T20 forces the batsmen to play more strokes but here, it is more about playing out long periods of time.

Play begins half an hour early today - at 9. So this will be a minute session. Pakistan will look at breaking this Taylor-Latham partnership and then get through the middle order quickly.

While it is great to have a bowler take 10 wickets in an innings, it is not good to be over-reliant on him. Of the 12 wickets to have fallen, 10 have gone to Yasir, 1 has been a run out while one went to Hasan Ali, in the first innings.

They will need other bowlers to support Shah, else you never know, a big fightback might even take the sting out of their attack.

A session of greatness for a Pakistani special. A period of madness for New Zealand. That is how one can describe Monday best.

But then, Yasir Shah ran through them and they collapsed like a pack of cards, folding up for First target - can they make Pakistan bat again?

Hello and a warm welcome to the fourth and probably, the final day of the second Test between Pakistan and New Zealand in Dubai. Another runs is what New Zealand have to score first to avoid an innings defeat.

Still a long way away and with the ball turning how it is, this looks a very tough task. Will Pakistan continue their domination or will New Zealand spring in a surprise?

Join us to find out on Day 4. So join us 30 minutes before. Till then, take care and goodbye! New Zealand though will be happy with their effort in their second innings.

They did lose Jeet Raval early but Williamson and Latham added 56 runs for the second wicket. The former though was dismissed and one believed the procession would once again begin but Taylor and Latham have continued the fight.

The former never looked comfortable, whereas the latter is playing well. The two are amidst a run stand and both are nearing their fifties.

However, they need to play big innings if New Zealand stand a chance in this game. New Zealand are fighting back well but Pakistan are way ahead in the game at the moment and it is courtesy one man, Yasir Shah - what a day he has had.

First he picked up career-best figures and ensured Pakistan enforce the follow-on. To add to that, he also picked the two wickets to fall, ending with 10 today.

The umpires now feel the light is not good enough for play to continue so they have asked the players to walk off.

The ball turns back in sharply. Taylor adjusts and then guides it through backward point for a run. Taylor lets it be as it is down the leg side.

Taylor sets off for a run. The umpires just checked the light and have Pakistan to discontinue the pacers and they will have to get their spinners in.

Bilal Asif is back. Again a cut shot but this time Taylor gets the desired result. Short and outside off, Ross plays it late and through the third man region for a boundary.

Abbas once again gets it to tail back in just a touch. This though is a little shorter in length and outside off, Taylor goes for the cut but the shot is not on.

He gets an inside edge onto his pads. He gets this one to come back in from off, Taylor adjusts and works it to mid-wicket. Brings up the run stand in style!

Taylor has really come out with a lot of intent. He is pouncing on any bad deliveries bowled by the bowler. Another short one and Taylor latches onto it.

He pulls it with authority and over the mid-wicket fence. They need to continue, there is still a long way to go and both the batsmen will know that.

Short and pulled it on the leg side with ease by Taylor. He has been waiting to punish such loose deliveries.

He loves playing that shot. This is down the leg side, Latham tries to flick but misses. The ball brushes his pads and goes between leg slip and the keeper, down towards the fine leg region for a single.

Oh short leg, save yourself. Full and around off, Taylor gets down and sweeps it powerfully, just past short leg, to the backward square leg fence!

The stand is now worth Full and around off, Taylor lunges to defend but the ball spins in, takes the inside edge and rockets well past short leg towards short fine leg.

Brings up the runs for the Kiwis. The fielder there dives to his left and makes a half-stop. Replays seem to indicate so.

Floated outside off, Latham looked to defend but the ball spun away past the outside edge and Sarfraz fumbled. Replays seemed to show that the ball took the edge.

Poor ball and put away! This is very short and outside off, not the ball you want your bowler to be bowling after bringing in an extra slip fielder.

Ross goes back and cuts it through point for a boundary. Not a lot you can do with such deliveries. You as a batsman, just have to hope it misses the outside off.

Tosses it up around off, the ball pitches and then turns square. Yasir almost bowls him around his legs. This is floated down the leg side, Taylor tries to sweep but misses.

The ball goes close past the leg pole. Ross has come out with good intent. So new Zealand continue to fight. The session started with Williamson and Latham stitching a run stand.

However, New Zealand were dealt with a body blow as Yasir got the better of the Kiwi skipper. Taylor has struggled since he has come out but he is still out there and New Zealand would want the two to continue for as long as possible.

Another off spinner outside off, this one turns back in. Taylor tries to defend but due to the turn, the ball goes off the inner half, uppishly but past the short leg fielder and down towards square leg for a run.

However, it was off the pads. The off spinner around off, it pitches and comes back in. Hits the pads and lobs over the head of short leg.

He does go for it but fails to hold onto it. Floated around leg stump, Taylor looks to sweep but gets a top edge.

The ball lobs in the air but there is no one in the deep at square leg. A couple of bounces and into the fence. Slightly slower in pace, pitched outside leg stump, RT looks to defend but the ball turns away past the outside edge.

Short and outside off, Taylor goes back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary! Hasan Ali is warming up. Sarfraz might want some change of pace for reverse swing.

Also, the light is fading Taylor tries to defend but the ball once again goes off the inner half through square leg for a run.

Is hit on the pads and Pakistan appeal but the impact was outside off. Pitched outside leg, Taylor looks to defend from the crease but the ball spins past the outside edge.

That was really close. This is tossed up around off and Asif gets some extra bounce on that one. Latham goes back and defends it onto the ground.

The ball however, bounces and then spins back, between his legs but luckily for Latham, over the leg pole. What did that hit? Full and around middle, Taylor looked to defend but the ball spun away past the outside edge.

Replays show that the noise was of the bat hitting the pad. Pitched way outside leg. Fuller in length, Taylor looked to paddle but missed.

The ball went off his pads through fine leg and Sarfraz and Yasir were busy in appealing. The duo had a chat and after a long deliberation, decided to go for the review.

Hawk Eye confirms that it pitched outside leg. This time for LBW! There is a big doubt that this could be pitched outside leg, yet Sarfraz wants a re-check.

This is good by Bilal, needs to consistently hit these lines. Latham blocks it out with ease. There is a spike on the Snickometer and Williamson has to go!

First ever Pakistan player to do so and just the fourth player ever. Floated around middle, Williamson lunges to defend but the ball spins away, with a noise, to the keeper.

There is a massive caught behind appeal but the umpire stays firm. Pakistan have a mini-conference and then signal for the review.

It is a wicket for Yasir! The Kiwis still trail by ! Pakistan reckon that Williamson is caught behind. It has not been given and they take the review.

The physio is out in the middle. Imam is not feeling that great. Seems like he is in mild concussion. He is not quite responding well, shaking his head violently.

He seems to be okay though. Right onto the shoulder. Has Imam taken a contract to get hurt? Full and around middle, Latham gets down and sweeps it powerfully, right on the bounce to short leg.

Imam-ul-Haq ducks for cover but the ball hits him flush, just below the helmet. Runs coming a bit freely now.

A touch short outside off, spinning in, Latham goes back and works it through square leg for a boundary! Latham need not play at those. Whatever turn Asif is getting, he is getting on the balls which is pitched outside off so the batsman need not worry about those.

Williamson charges down the ground and hits the ball in the air but he is safe as the ball falls short of the fielder.

Short and outside off, Williamson rocks back and cuts it past slip towards third man! End of a testing over by Asif.

Shafiq was late to react. Infact he gets his hands to it but fails to hang on. So it is a dropped catch. This is tossed up on off, tempting the batsman to go for a drive.

Latham does go for it as he tries to hit it through covers. The ball turns away, takes the outside edge and goes low towards Shafiq.

He is a touch late to get down and the ball brushes his finger tips and goes to the third man region for a brace.

A life for Latham. He would want to make use of it. Also, that is the sort of luck you want when you are not amongst the runs. Way too short outside off, Williamson rocks back and punches it through the covers for a boundary!

Full on middle, Williamson comes down the track and drives it through mid on for a boundary! It is on off and the batter keeps it out.

Just a single from the first over after the break. Williamson lunges and then blocks it out. We are back for the final session of the day.

Kane Williamson and Tom Latham will continue from where they left off. Bilal Asif to start the proceedings. Pakistan only need to be patient. Wickets will come, with the pitch turning square.

Join us back at 3. Better batting from New Zealand in that last hour. They have lost Jeet Raval but have not caved in.

In the first hour, they lost 6 wickets, but in the last 60 minutes, they have lost just 1. Runs are not a thought right now - survival of the highest order is the priority.

Good effort from Hasan but in vain. Around off, spinning in, Latham goes back and works it past leg slip. The ball races and Hasan gives it a good chase from backward square leg.

He slides and tries to pull it back near the boundary but while doing so, his right foot touches the ropes. Is that a boundary?

Hasan Ali has made a sliding stop near the fine leg fence, but while doing so, has his foot touched the ropes? Full and around off, Latham gets across to paddle but the ball spins in a mile, goes past the glove and beats the keeper too, towards fine leg.

Full and outside off, Kane drives it through the covers where Azhar gets across to his left from mid off and slides haphazardly.

The ball hits his left hand, then bobbles onto his forehead and dribbles away. The ball hits his legs and goes back to the keeper. Flatter and on the leg stump, it spins away even more.

Latham goes to sweep but misses. Sarfraz collects it well behind the stumps. This was the slider outside off, it skids through after pitching.

Latham goes back and tries to defend but is beaten by the away angle. The batsmen take a run. First four of the innings.

Full toss on middle, Latham flicks it through mid on for a boundary. A wicket maiden by Yasir. And that is why Sarfraz was very confident.

Who gets the breakthrough? The man who is on fire today, Yasir Shah. This is tossed up outside off, Raval stretches and plays inside the line.

The ball skids past the outside edge. Ahmed collects the ball and whips the bails off. He appeals, the umpire takes it upstairs. Raval then asks the leg umpire if he is out but gets no response.

Replays roll in and it shows Raval has nothing behind the line. New Zealand lose one with not a lot on the board. They are still trailing by another runs.

Have Pakistan got their first? An appeal for a stumping has been taken upstairs. Raval is the man in question. Sarfraz is very confident. The ball fell short of the fielder.

Once again Hasan Ali is stopped midway. He is not happy. No fast bowler will ever be! This time it was a sightscreen issue for Latham.

Length delivery on leg, Latham flicks it towards the leg side for a single but gets it of the thigh pad. But Latham is not out. When he was ready to face the ball to be released by Hasan Ali, a pigeon flew right across.

Understandably, Tom was distracted and it was too late for Ali to stop. Good length delivery outside off, Jeet Raval shoulders his arms to this one.

Good length delivery again outside off, Raval looks to defend but gets beaten on this one. Hasan Ali seems to have a problem with the landing area.

The hammer is out to level the area there. Excellent use of the angle by Abbas. Opening batsman Martin Guptill has strained his calf muscle and has therefore been ruled out of the entire tour.

Mitchell Santer too has been left out as he is still recovering from his knee injury. The Kiwis have included in their man T20I squad uncapped spinner Ajaz Patel, wicketkeeper-batsman Glenn Phillips and allrounder Corey Anderson who seems in line to don the international jersey after last representing his country in international cricket at the Champions Trophy last year.

Phillips has been picked on account of his impressive performance in the recent T20 series against Pakistan A. Munro is ranked fourth in the ICC T20I batting rankings and is having a strike-rate of around in this format.

Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson are both amongst the leading run-getters for their side in T20Is while de Grandhomme is known for his big-hitting toward the tail-end of the innings.

Sodhi is the third-best T20I bowler in the world and he is more likely to finish with the best figures in this match. New Zealand have not found much success in T20 internationals this year - they have lost six and won just three out of the nine matches played so far.

Pakistan and New Zealand have played 18 T20 internationals against each other in the past with the former leading the scoreline The two countries last faced each other in this format in January at Mount Maunganui.

Pakistan, after winning the toss and opting to bat first, posted on the board after their 20 overs. In reply, New Zealand managed to score and fell short by 18 runs.

The hosts are being offered at a short price of 1. New Zealand are coming on the back of three consecutive defeats in the twenty-over format and they are the underdogs for this game at odds of 2.

Their spinners wreaked havoc on the Aussie batsmen and they are likely to give the Kiwis a hard time as well.

New Zealand played their last international game back in March which means they will be a little rusty as they have not had much game time since then.

Moreover, Pakistan have an impressive T20I record at this venue with five wins in their last six matches here. The hosts certainly appear to be a lot stronger in these conditions and so we expect them to start this series off with a win at Abu Dhabi.

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Pakistan Vs New Zealand Video

Pakistan Vs New Zealand - 3rd ODI - Highlights - 11 November 2018 - PCB Our Pick Pakistan are favorites to win. He slides and tries to pull it back near the boundary but while doing so, his right foot touches the ropes. Hasan appeals and umpire Reiffel gamomat online casino his finger! Williamson mega casino deutschland and then blocks it out. Watling wants the review but 15 seconds boxen brähmer passed says the umpire and the batsman has to continue walking. Unnecessary from Sodhi here! They did lose Jeet Raval early but Williamson and Latham added 56 runs for the second wicket. Pakistan appeal and the umpire raises his eurojackpot baden württemberg Hopes to do even better going forward. Praises Sohail, Azhar and Azam for taking their time out in the middle and scoring runs, especially on these pitches in Dubai, which are no longer flat-tracks. Also, the Under Pakistan have been doing very well at this ground in T20Is - they have won five of their last six matches here. Yasir almost bowls him around his legs.

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